A Los Angeles native, I was born to two very creatively driven parents. My Father had a massive affinity for the art form of photography. And my Mother, was a theatrical talent agent for over 30 years. As a child actor, my Father bought me a camera and said "document what you see as an actor on the set", so when you work you will "see" things, remember places, people, colors". My love for photography was so strong, I begged my Father for a darkroom at age 8. Unlike other kids playing outside, a lot of my childhood was spent in the dark printing color and black & white images I had taken.

 I did this for over 15 years and found that photography was my avocation for life.

I worked on a TV series at the time with the actress Elizabeth Shue and asked her to pose for me and she did. She sent the images to her agent and they hired me to shoot all the up and comers at CAA agency. I was in heaven and learned rapidly by scouring over Italian Vogue and Harper's Bazaar to teach myself lighting. Made happy mistakes, and learned. Although I never assisted, I had this love of this art form tugging at me. I wanted to branch out to doing artists, directors, musicians. So I did, and shot so many amazing artists and people. I also have this crazy love for Cinema and took up Cinematography at the Global Cinematography Institute under my teacher Oscar winning DP Vilmos Zigmond. After so many years together seeing things through a camera, I have learned to see in a way that is so different and wonderful. I intend to continue till I can no longer hold a camera with my love and life in art , and the camera in my hands.